Recent Work

Commission “Amazing Prosperity” 2019

Luch”A” Libre (2019)- 10th Anniversary for gAllery poster

“A” Galaxy Rider (2019)
“Friends” (2019)
“A” new Hand of Collage (2019)
“Face of Fortune” (upgrade-2019)
“A” Still Life with Clowns (2019)
“TILT” (2019) Pinball machine backglass w/ stained glass mosaic (SOLD)
“Big Alpha & Little alpha” (2019)
“SPRING” (2019)

Collage (2018)

Exterior Wall Mural Ugpr”A”de (Detail) (2018)a)sp…”A”(c)e

New OPEN Sign…-Front – (2018)

New OPEN Sign…-Back (2018)

“A” SpAce DAsh-The New OceAn… (2018)

“A” Good Fortune (2018)

An EllipticAl GalAxy of “A” Feminine Nature (2018)


Behind-the-Looking-Glass”… PortrAit of An Artist As “A” portrAit…

MeAnwhile @ Mount ShuskAn, “A” LAkefront Showdown Begins… (2018)

mr.Mr.(a)Anonymous Artist (2018)

Trophy Wife InstAllAtion (2018)

The Magnetic & Electric Portal of Sound & Light Balances the Divine Essence of Feminine & Masculine Unity (2017) Side “A”

The Magnetic & Electric Portal of Sound & Light Balances the Divine Essence of Feminine & Masculine Unity (2017)  Side “B”

Poster Design (2018)

U.R.O. Unidentified Recycled Object (Hubcaps) 2017

Poster Graphic (2017)

The Alchemy of CollAge—a)SpA(c)e Clown (2017) (SOLD)

Call for Artists Poster (2017)

Top Fuel-(1969-2017) Collage on found painting (2017)                    -36″ x 54″SOLD

Approaching Front Entry

Sidewalk Art

Sidewalk Paintings/Stencils 2017

Floor mural @garage door entry

Floor mural @ back door entry

Floor mural @ back landing

Floor mural @ main gallery


Floor mural detail

Floor mural detail

Floor mural detail

Floor mural detail

Back mural upgrade 2018

Front mural upgrade (2017)

West wall

Stencils on door

Floor mural detail

Clown on Cross (2017) SOLD

Hanging installation

Tables from recycled wine racks with spraypaint caps & kids blocks 2017

1029161001                                                                                                                                                Mural on Home Furniture 2016






A Horse of “A”nother Color  —2016

hi-yo-silver-away-77Poster – Call for Artists (2016)12814339_1113648198668293_2571675668594044662_n1977331_1113648338668279_240556691991415934_nOrganite of Bust (Left Brain) 201612832377_1113648828668230_8382551762230048761_n3402_1113648848668228_3324076090038903175_n1517432_1113648758668237_4894885310935202418_nOrganite or Bust (Right Brain) 2016 (SOLD)12631560_1081428935223553_3029863486988323873_n

12525665_1081429025223544_2331597175222867361_oUnidentified Recycled Object – U.R.O. (2016) SOLD1918192_1102342149798898_3706922913718522391_n                  Gypsy Doll in Fight (2016)10806455_1113647342001712_2410723426690335710_n                                        Arizona Totem (2016)SOLD970286_1113629582003488_8535127510484312141_nPope 1 & Pope 2 (2016)13125033_1148223321877447_5990194103719876350_nMadame Millie – “ALL ABOARD” (2016)SOLD0401161524a                                Ceiling Sculpture (2016)

13450847_1182537751779337_5322961833859313443_n                                                                                                Welded Metal Sculpture (2016)284829_1114438515255928_8856690128690607187_nStage Interior Upgrade (2016)10295315_1064711163561997_927472176809774136_oNew Mexico Magazine Feature (Jan – 2016)10628779_1064711380228642_6096207985720527896_oNew Mexico Magazine Feature (Jan-2016)12990893_1136447486388364_8577892838838330669_nSideWalk Detail (2016)0324161128a              SideWalk Detail (2016)0326161033a              SideWalk Detail (2016)10398438_1114440541922392_6580706822948998857_nSideWalk Detail (2016)0917161043                  Mural Collage Detail – Billy-the-Kid (2016)12278939_1114460768587036_8657887352802851061_nMural Upgrade – West Wall (2016) 12814520_1114437071922739_6490577095774126683_n                        Mural Upgrade – Back Entry (2016)12509361_1084469181586195_6011554893054705281_nMural Detail (2016)12642575_1084469494919497_133729204986363307_nMural Detail (2016)10274272_1114465868586526_1715390408357703773_nMural Upgrade – Front Facade (2016)13043714_1145792882120491_602311175018467536_n-1Coffee Table  (2016)Space-Age Gothic.Space-Age Gothic  (2015)An Old-Fashioned Idea Steps into the FutureAn Old Fashioned Idea Steps into the Future (2015)10413340_908665479166567_3931325144058306234_n Elvis Has Left the Building (2015) Exhibit (A)be    (2015&2017)

Exhibit (A)be   (2015&2017)


10313657_959514007415047_1765378489212428892_n Time TrAvel (2015)

1534822_959516390748142_1876734516940585711_o “A” Fire of “Rred…” (SOLD)

10462407_855084351191347_7042741804718860627_n Barbie (2014) (SOLD)10806326_855084461191336_7574562490459207758_nBarbie #2 (SOLD)Giraffe CentaurGiraffe Centaur  (2015)SOLDGoldilocks            Goldilocks  (2015)Romance RouletteRomance Roulette      (2015)    SOLD                                                              sPrAy mAn 1 sPrAy-mAn     (2015)sPrAy mAn 2  sPrAy-mAn     (2015)sPrAy mAn 3 sPrAy-mAn     (2015)

New  Sign (2014)